Cleas Crafts' outlet in our Áras Éanna premises is opened throughout the year Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm. We stock a selection of crafts from Cleas's own crafters  and other craft workers on our island.  

Crios      Below is our present range of the traditional multi-coloured item of clothing know as a "crios".

cris pic   These colourful belts have been worn by Inis Oírr islanders from the Aran             Islands in Galway Bay through the generations.

   The crios, worn around the waist, holds clothing in place, supports the                  back and provides comfort and warmth.  

   At present the Cleas Crafts crios comes in the following sizes:                                  2 inches (5.08cm) wide and 2¾ inches (7cm) wide and in lengths of                          6 (183cm), 9½ (290cm), 10½ (320cm), or 11½ feet (350cm).  

  We also make them to order, as handfasting cords in marriage                             ceremonies, as accordion/ guitar straps, as belts for school uniforms, etc.            To order contact cleasteo@gmail.com or 09975979.                                                                                       

 with jeans for men and women                     a handfasting cord at a recent wedding     back support & traditional manner 

          crios  crios                             Crios                            crios traidisiúntacrios traidisiúnta


The Inis Oírr Currach                         model currach

We make our model Inis Oírr currachs in three different sizes: 55.88cm, 40.64cm and 30.48cm.   

       currach really old                                                                                                             currach

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The original currach was made about 9000 years ago as a sea going vessel. Initially it was a skin boat made by sewing skins together and stretching them across a framework of willow or similar type material. Over the course of the centuries various adaptations were made until finally skins were replaced by tarred canvas and timber laths used instead of willow. Propelled by rowing with two oars each, a currach generally had a three man crew, although two man, four man and five man currachs were also made. Currachs hoisted small sails on occasion. Currachs were used for fishing, carrying passengers and all types of cargo including animals. Nowadays fibreglass is beginning to replace the previous tarred waterproof coating.

                                           Cleas Crafts Willow Products

Below is our present selection of circular baskets, creels, St. Bridget's crosses, herb & dried flower holders, skibs 


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